elimage(1)                         ELIMAGE                           elimage(1)

    Elimage: CLI Image Pastebin

    curl -F 'name=@/path/to/image' http://elimage.edisonnotes.com/

    Or upload via your browser: 
You can also paste an image here. DESCRIPTION Paste image files with command line. You can give -F more times to paste more images. You can also add a ?qr parameter to receive a QR code together with your image URLs like this: curl -F 'name=@/path/to/image' 'http://elimage.edisonnotes.com/?qr' EXAMPLES $ curl -F 'name=@screenshot.png' http://elimage.edisonnotes.com/ http://elimage.edisonnotes.com/97/2d8490849c8fab885218b478cc715ab0f3f4a9 URLS https://cfp.vim-cn.com/ A CLI code pastebin https://github.com/Vim-cn/elimage DONATION Like this service? Find it useful? You can donate to support me! Please mention "elimage" in comment so I know what helped you. Alipay, Wechat Pay and PayPal are supported currently. Alipay QR codeWechat Pay QR code POLICY Certain type of content may be removed, e.g. sexual content or viruses. High risk files will be submitted to third party to scan for viruses. Inactive content will be removed too to save disk space. NO MASS uploads! This service is for personal, trivial usage. I don't have disk space for too many images. Don't treat this as always online. I try my best to maintain this site but it may be down, or have a data loss sooner or later. CONTACT For abuse reports and deletion requests, please send your mail with details to lilydjwg+img@gmail.com. TOOLS elimage: script to quickly paste your images 09 Feb 2019 elimage(1)